Duct Tape armoury

Design and create your own Scottish shield!

sheaf toss

As part of the “Wee Highland Games,” you can try your hand at the sheaf toss. Competitors will throw a bag of straw (also known as a “sheaf”) over a high bar a snow shovel. See how far you can throw the sheaf!

caber toss

Perhaps the most famous of the Highland games events, cabers—large tree trunks, as tall as telephone poles—are flipped around like matchsticks! For the Wee Highland Games, we’re not expecting you to lift large wooden poles, so let’s just try this with something lighter, shall we?

Welly Throw

This game is inspired by the hammer toss where participants take a hammer (a heavy metal ball on a pole) and spin around with it before letting it fly as far as possible. We decided old wellies (rain boots) are safer.